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Drums and Drones is the 

solo project of drummer Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs / NYC avant scene). The project started in 2007 influenced by Minimalist and Sound Art traditions. This past year, Drums and Drnoes's three albums were released together as a collection along with a 144 page book featuring accumulated writings as well as numerous images of the project's collaboration with two leading NYC video artists. Drums and Drones has been presented at various art spaces thought the US and at select international festivals. 

floating, dark/light, undulating

ethereal, pulsing, lightness

low, dark, earthquake

meditative, deep, slow

reflective, fairy-like, icy

haunting, voice-like, ritualistic

chimes, bright/dark, expansive

dynamic, active

static yet with complexity 

static yet with perceptual shifts

sparse, repetitive, meditative

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