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Keti Kartveli and Brian Chase


Visual artist Keti Kartveli and composer Brian Chase present Correlations, a series of handmade 'cards' paired with specifically crafted audio pieces. These multimedia works explore a co-inspired relationship between the sonic and visual arts. The project's sixty artworks form a diverse collection of independent pieces derived from a source of three large-scale paintings. On the reverse side of each card is a link to three sound works from Brian's Drums and Drones project. These sound works, through their careful attention to tuning and acoustic details, set to establish a sonic environment of infinite depth within a minimalist design. Taken together, the visual and audio creations of Correlations are geared towards generating a heightened sense of symbiotic expressivity. 

Artworks are available for purchase. Each artwork comes with a unique download code to the three accompanying Drums and Drones sound works. Pricing starts at $80 and includes the framing as shown in the below installation photos. Click on the individual artwork images for purchase link or write directly to

The premier installation of Correlations was held on March 5th 2019 at Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY) as part of their Landscape Arts series. The second presentation was held on September 1st 2019 at Bushel art gallery (Delhi, NY) courtesy of Bushel Collective. 

For the complete Correlations audio works, visit the project on bandcamp:

Artwork Series No.1

Artwork Series No.2

Artwork Series No.3

Artworks No. 46-55