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Keti Kartveli and Brian Chase


Correlations one-night exhibition:

March 5th, 6-9pm

at Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY)

as part of Landscape art series

facebook invite

Artworks available for purchase at and following the show

Contact for details on this

very limited edition series

A selected eight of the fifty-five artworks:

An excerpted two of the three sound pieces:

Visual artist Keti Kartveli and composer Brian Chase present their new collaboration, Correlations, a series of handmade 'cards' paired with specifically crafted audio pieces. These multimedia works explore the abstract relationship between the sonic and visual arts: rhythm, harmony and pitch are translated into the two-dimensional medium of paint and ink on paper, and vice versa; sound vibrations resonate through gestural brushstrokes and tonal colors echo through a vibrant palette - music theory meets color theory. The fifty-five ‘cards’ are derived from three large scale artworks and presented atop Museum-grade archival paper. Within their remarkable diversity, these artworks symbolically represent a dynamic balance of playfulness/restraint, density/emptiness, and appearance/disappearance. On the reverse side of each card is a link to three sound pieces from Brian's Drums and Drones project. These sound pieces, through their careful attention to tuning and acoustic details, offer a sonic environment of infinite depth within a minimalist design. Taken together, the artworks of Correlations suggest a spontaneous fluidity of meanings geared towards generating a greater sense of interconnectedness. 

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