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Drums and Drones + Ursula Scherrer

Wednesday - February 7th

As part of Fridman Gallery’s annual

New Ear Festival, Feb 2-8

Fridman Gallery, 287 Spring St. (b/w Varick and Hudson)

full festival info

New Ear Festival 2018  -  February 2 - 8, 2018

Ongoing installation by SVITER and Lesya Khomenko (Ukraine)

Fri Feb 2 - Nadja Verena Marcin's OPHELIA
Sat Feb 3 - Stephen Vitiello/Taylor Deupree, Gust Burns/The Rhythm Method
Sun Feb 4 - Phill Niblock, Tim Shaw, Katherine Liberovskaya
Mon Feb 5 - Poetic X, Yvette Janine Jackson's Destination Freedom
Wed Feb 7 - Kara Rooney But for What’s My Axis? Part 2. Desire, 

                      Brian Chase's Drums and Drones + Ursula Scherrer
Thu Feb 8 - Lesley Flanigan, Jacob Kirkegaard, Tristan Perich, Katinka Fogh Vindelev


All performances 8pm


Advance tickets: $15/10  -  $50 festival pass

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