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The NYC Liminal Series turns the spotlight on NYC's improvised/experimental music community. Attention is placed on key figures who have contributed in cultivating the scene and its music as an ever evolving open discourse. The extraordinarily diverse backgrounds and interests of the musicians, paired with an incessant drive for research/experimentation/discovery, exceeds traditional efforts of description and codification. Thus, the overall organization of the Series was chosen to come through a most material parameter: instrument. Furthermore, the Series does not intend to be a complete document of the community it represents; rather, it serves as a possible expression of innumerable combinations.

The instrument itself is a type of body, a limit with its own unique characteristics. By challenging and surpassing such 'limits', the notion of instrument serves as a platform for reinventing and reimagining identity - a medium for a new musical language.

Each edition follows (for now) the same format: one instrument / four musicians

Solos | Vol. 1: BASS


album contains 13 tracks; total running time is 48:10

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