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Gelsey Bell & Erin Rogers


(CKR 017) 


Vol. 4: Trumpet

featuring Peter Evans, Steph Richards, Joe Moffett & Nate Wooley

(CKR 018)

Vocalist Gelsey Bell and saxophonist Erin Rogers present Skylighght, their debut duo album of minimalist performative compositions built on delicately intertwined organic resonances.


For fans of Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros and Eliane Radigue

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Zeena Parkins


(CKR 014) 

"Delicately woven patterns of intricate beauty."

4/5 stars - The Guardian

Pioneering composer and improviser Zeena Parkins presents LACE, a new album of compositions inspired and guided by the stitches and patterning of lace. The album is available digitally and as a very limited edition box set. The box set contains an LP as well as beautifully designed graphic scores to three LACE compositions, an extensive interview with arts scholar Jenn Joy and a poem by much-beloved downtown NY poet Steve Dalachinsky written on the occasion of the performance of "LACE 1." The amazing performers on the album include William Winant (percussion), James Fei (electronics), Maggie Parkins (cello) and TILT Brass Sextet. 

Order now at or at

Solos | Vol. 4: Trumpet is the latest edition of CkR's NYC Liminal Series which spotlights leading figures of the NYC improv and experimental community.

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