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NYC avant-garde music community
a CKR top five links list



online event aired March 14th, 2021

with solo performances by CkR artists:

Brian ChaseCatherine SikoraZeena Parkins

13 million year old ghostVictoria Keddie

Lester St LouisMariel Roberts

MV CarbonLuke Stewart


designs by Keti Kartveli

Lot Radio Playlists (+ one BBC)

These are some playlists from Brian's monthly radio show on Brooklyn's The Lot Radio, a leading freeform independent radio station. Many of the shows focus on what's happening on the local NYC new music scene with an emphasis on the avant-garde. For track listing, hover over the track title and click the little music note with the lines that appears (unfortunately, track listing is barely visible on mobile devices). More playlists will be added. And, of course, supporting the artists by purchasing the music is encouraged and does not go unappreciated! Almost all of the music on these playlists was purchased from Bandcamp or iTunes if not previously owned.




BROOKLYN ROCK/NOISE/MISC: '00s (+ one '19)





NOW: LIVE IN NYC MARCH 6-12 2020  



Spotlight on eminent NYC performing arts venue The Kitchen with an emphasis on affiliated musicians and music during the 1970s. The video features archival footage culled from

Audio only:


Eclectic mix happening at the time of the first 'Bandcamp Friday' in support of artists during the first months of the pandemic. Underground noise/improv/indie/punk/hiphop are featured. The video consists of album artworks.

Audio only:

Selected articles and interviews


  • Article by Brian up at the great percussion website Liquidrum! Discussed are various performance techniques specific to the acoustic side of the Drums and Drones project. Video clips are included. Thank you to Todd and Liquidrum. 

Chaikin Records Pop-Up Record Shop at Ace Hotel NY

On Nov 16 2019 Chaikin Records hosted a specifically curated pop-up record shop in the lobby of Ace Hotel New York. Twenty artists were featured, visionary figures of the Brooklyn/NYC independent music community, along with their LPs, cassettes and CDs. Guest performances included Yuka Honda, and a duo of Andrya Ambro and Brian Chase playing a piece by Man Forever (Kid Millions). 

Flyer from Chaikin Records show at Shift/FourOneOne

CkR 3.29 Alt a.JPG

Order advance tix here

Coleman and Chase are featured on Arcades (CKR 006)

Fujiwara and Hoffman are featured on NYC LIMINAL SERIES

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